More Than a Foot Bath


I grew up in the West Indies. As a child, I only had one pair of shoes. When I walked around the house or in the backyard, I went barefoot to keep my shoes as new as possible for as long as possible. I remember how I hated to walk in the yard barefoot after it rained. The ground was muddy and it felt gross when it oozed between my toes. I jumped from rock to rock to avoid stepping in the thick backyard mud. I was successful most times but on those occasions when my feet didn’t land solidly and slipped, I knew what would happen next. Urgh!

Now that I’m an adult, I enjoy it when my feet squish around in the mud. I’ve come to understand the benefits of mud soaks. Detoxification, relaxing, grounding (receiving potent, healing, electrons from the ground), and an opportunity to meditate are just a few of the benefits of foot bathing in mud. I see it as a way for me to connect with Mother Earth, and it feels so good.

I treat myself to a muddy foot bath almost every weekend. In fact, I have foot impressions in my backyard to prove it! I just add water to the impressions and place my beach chair just right so that I can sit comfortably while wiggling my toes in the mud. This gives me a chance to relax from the busy week while meditating in the sun or completing one of my evil Sudoku puzzles.

Over the years, my foot baths have become more than an opportunity to relax and detox. Much more than I could have imagined. It’s become a time to be at one with nature and the world therein.

For example, on one warm afternoon, I was completing my Sudoku puzzle while foot bathing in the mud. All of a sudden, I felt a slight wind on my left big toe. I peeked over my puzzle and saw a fluttering bee. I watched it for a good 15 seconds before it flew away. It’s amazing what you can experience by being still in nature – the wind from bee wings!

On another day of foot bathing, a hummingbird came within two feet of my face. It hovered for about 10 seconds before flying away. How delightful to see!

I’ve also been up close and personal with lizards. One time, I saw a lizard standing about five feet away – bobbing its head up and down while staring at me.  It came closer and closer and then stopped, standing about 15 inches away. It remained there for 30 minutes, just staring at me before leaving. It felt good to know it didn’t consider me a threat and stayed around to experience the peacefulness of my aura (or so I’d like to think). Admittedly, I love my muddy foot baths for relaxation and detoxing as well as the magic they bring.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that there are also times when I get pooped on. I’ve experienced the sudden wetness of those yellow bird poop on my arms or shoulders – just like the ones we see on our cars.  I consider this a part of the wonders of nature as well.

These moments with Mother Nature are customized experiences for each muddy foot bath in my backyard, in my little part of the world, just for me.

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