Bean Plants sprouted in 3 days and over 7” in 8 days as shown in picture.

The directions on the package of non-GMO bean seeds indicate that they should start sprouting within 7 to 10 days. However, when I plant them, they grow in 3 days. I experience this shorter growth cycle with other vegetables seeds too. What is the secret to my fast-growing technique? It involves creating an environment conducive to the sprouting seeds and healthy plant growth. To create this environment, I return all plant-base, organic food, left over from my daily meals, to my garden, the soil is kept moist and I do not turn over the soil.

Is turning over the soil beneficial to the garden? Growing up, I helped my grandparents turn over the soil in their vegetable garden. Whenever we did this, I always noticed the birds watching and waiting until we left, so they could fly in pluck the earth worms and other living things in the freshly turned soil. It was relatively easy food for them, which led to the depletion of the very things that would helped the plants grow vibrantly in the garden. Looking back, turning the soil over with my grandparents may not have been a good thing for the garden. I should have asked them, what is the reason for turning the soil over? One thing I do know, it was a lot of work!

Now that I have my own garden, I work hard at creating an environment that is very suitable for growing plants. As a result, I see more earth worms and other living organisms when I disturb the soil to plant seeds.

Adding organic food waste to the top of the soil, such as lemon and carrot peels, stems from leafy green vegetables, helps to restore and maintain an environment that aids in the richness of the soil. The food waste decays quickly and in a very short time, becomes food for the living organisms in the soil. (It is composting but without a container to store the decaying plant base foods). This helps to retain moisture, create a stable environment for organisms to live and thrive, and encourages a healthy ecosystem for growing fruits and vegetables.

If your seeds aren’t sprouting and growing in three days, the health of the soil should be considered. Improving it would be a good first step.

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