Electric Kettle

Traveling can be exciting, but it can also be stressful. Being out of familiar environments and not maintaining daily routines, can unconsciously create anxiety.

For some of us, being able to start the day in the same way, whether at home or while traveling, helps keep us on our regular schedules for eating, drinking (proper liquids), and sleeping. For some, keeping a consistent schedule no matter where you travel in the world means starting the day with the ‘morning cup of coffee’. The routine of having that first cup helps to usher in a sense of control over the day.

For me, my morning routine starts off with a cup of tea, hot, aromatic, and cleansing. Having my morning tea is a moment to think about my schedule and mentally plan for an enjoyable day. When I travel, I try to maintain this same routine but found it difficult to shower, get dressed, and then head down to the hotel lobby for tea and eventually breakfast. It was also difficult to mentally detox and meditate over my day when people are sitting around me in the hotel restaurant. My body gets thrown off by this break in routine, so I decided to do something about it. I decided to plan ahead so I could maintain my morning routine and mentally plan for my day while traveling.

Branch tea (instructions on how to make branch tea can be found in Breaking Branches and Enjoying Backyard Living, my latest book) is definitely my only choice of tea when I am at home, but I also know the benefits of green tea. So, I picked up a box of tea bags at my local grocery store in preparation for my trip. Being able to heat water in my hotel room to make my own tea would be very convenient. However, I didn’t want to depend on the microwave oven or a coffee pot at the hotel. It’s hard to tell if these items match my cleanliness standards and sometimes hot water boiled in a coffee pot tastes like water with a bit of coffee in it. I’m not a coffee drinker and ‘coffee water’ messes up the taste of green tea.

Fortunately for me, I remembered I had an electric kettle stowed away in my closet at home. I hadn’t used it in years and never thought about using it while traveling, until now!

I packed it carefully in my suitcase and surrounded it with my clothes, so it wouldn’t get damaged. Once I reached my destination, I poured bottled water into my electric kettle, plugged it into the wall outlet; and press the ON switch. My first cup of tea in the hotel room was so comforting. It was an opportunity to stop and relax a bit before starting work.

On my last trip, I consumed more tea, in the mornings and evenings, than I did when I was at home. I didn’t realize having the convenience of making a simple cup of tea without leaving my room or calling for room service could make me so content. This little creature comfort was a boost to my mood and made the entire trip much more pleasant.

There’s only one thing that I could have done better – having a nice cup. Although I brought the kettle, I didn’t think to bring a cup. Sometimes, hotels have paper cups or ceramic mugs available in the rooms, but this hotel had neither.

Fortunately, I brought a 20-ounce bottle containing quinoa, beans, and grass-fed beef, so I could have a ‘regular’ meal on my first day of travel. Once the food was eaten and the bottle emptied, I washed it out and used as a cup to hold my tea.

Next time I travel, not only will I bring a smaller electric kettle, but I’ll also bring my favorite tea mug.


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