No Cost Fix Garden Hose with a Crack or Bend


My weather-beaten garden hose no longer rolls into a nice 15” spool like it did when I bought it many years ago. It was 25’, but I cut off a piece, because a bend occurred in it; which turned into a crack and of course, then it started to squirt water all over the place. The 16’ of it that is left, I will like to preserve, as I am not ready to part with it yet.


I know there several kinds couplers available at the local hardware store to splice into the hose where the cracks or bends are to prevent leakage, but I did not want to go that route. What I came up with was a no cost way to eliminate the bend without cutting the hose.

Items needed:

1 string (old shoe lace)

2 sticks (branches)


  1. Straighten hose and place sticks on each side where bend or crack is.
  2. Wrap string around sticks and hose tightly and tie off ends of string.



This no cost fix will prolong the usage of my weather beaten garden hose, until I decide to replace it with a retractable one.


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