This is what my refrigerator looks like a couple days after grocery shopping on the weekend. It may look exiguous but, there is actually enough delectable and REAL food for 3 meals a day for 6 days. By real food, I mean; food that has only 1 ingredient in it and no additives, for example: meat (grass fed beef), quinoa, beans, kale carrots, potatoes, and tomatoes. I have heard this many times before,” I could never eat the same food 3 days in a row”, let alone; 3 times a day!

How does the food I eat make me feel? Regardless of the time of day, I am never lacking energy, never constipated, no indigestion, sleep well at night, and feel really good! The things we have control over when it comes to our health, we need to be diligent and adamant about in order to prevent or reduce suffering. The air we breathe is not always the cleanest and sometimes not much of a choice, as when on an airplane. But selecting foods that can help us maintain the quality of life we all desire, would greatly help us in getting to where we want to be; along with a few other disciplines, like exercising and reducing stress.

Less is better when it comes to ingredients in our food. For more information link to  WHAT CHA HAVING FOR BREAKFAST?

Containers removed from refrigerator without lids 

Beans from backyard                                        Kale from backyard

Grass fed beef                                                     Quinoa and beans

Bean cake (perfecting recipe)                          Bean cake slices


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