Natural Mosquito Repellent


I didn’t know they were so colorful

Growing up in Barbados, I can remember only swatting mosquitoes at night and hearing them buzzing around my ears. Now, it is a different story; they can be active any time of day, and even in cooler weather. When I see flies in my yard in the daytime, I know I can expect to see mosquitoes too. So for me, an important part of my ritual is to spend time in my backyard daily, regardless of the temperature or weather conditions.

The bothersome mosquitoes inflicting miserable pain and itching, it was imperative that I create a repellent for them to allow my daily routine to continue. I experience with several natural plant base items until I got the results I was seeking,” mosquitoes backed off”. The recipe consists of 3 ingredients and I sometimes add it to my food, after all, its all plant base.

I wrote about my experiences with the mosquito’s reaction to the changes I made in perfecting the recipe. Read the chapter, How I Keep Mosquitoes at Bay. In my book “Breaking Branches and Enjoying Backyard Living” on Amazon,.


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