There are many things we can do to improve digestion of food and the single most important is, to chew our food. What state should the food we swallow be in? A liquid state. I have never heard of a person choking from swallowing liquids.

When we bypass the first step of our digestive system, by not chewing food to the consistency of what we would give a baby, the result could be devastating! Choking, bloating, heartburn, and constipation are just a few of the discomforts that we may experience.

Many of us have heard that it takes about 36 hours to digest meats. We have also heard that the acid in our stomach can burn a hole in metal. If the stomach acid is that potent, then it should not take 36 hours to digest meat. Now, if the meat is arriving in the stomach intact, it will take longer to break down.

One of the things I do to aid the transit time (from mouth to anus) of meats is, cut the meat into small pieces. This makes it easier to chew, resulting in a liquid state faster and faster absorption of nutrients. And of course, faster transit time, that is generally less than 24 hours. I was able to confirm this by eating a small beet with my main meal. The next day, my third bowel movement had a purple color to it from the digested beet, and this is how I was able to calculate the transit time.

Swallowing foods in a liquefied state will definitely improve digestion and comfort.


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