I purposely arranged my table to see my backyard when I eat meals at home during the day time.  This allows me to contemplate what will I do next once I’m out there.  Picking fruits, cutting greens, swinging my golf clubs, foot baths, or simply just sitting in the sun. Talking about destressing, this is it and all while bare feet.

Many years ago, only one plant existed in my backyard and a nice-looking lawn, which I watered during the weekdays and mowed on the weekends. The benefit of this was, nice to look at and walk on, but other than that, a big waste of time and money; my sprinkler would run for a long time!

Moving forward, I have five kinds of fruit bearing trees: LEMON, APPLE, GRAPEFRUIT, POMEGRANATE, AND a GRAPEVINE.

Other vegetable plants that I have are KALE, GARLIC, BEANS, AND TOMATOES. AMARANTH only grows in the Summer.

Succulent plant is ALOE VERA, six of them.

Herb is OREGANO, thyme didn’t make itl

Growing for the second time is CILANTRO, SQUASH AND ZUCCHINI.

AVOCADO trees, two are over eight years and still not even a blossom!

I like the variety of fruits trees that I have which are seasonal, except for the hub of my yard, the LEMON tree. I eat one daily, yes; the entire thing (see the video, WHY I ZEST LEMONS

KALE is also year-round, and the plants are about seven years old, I cut the leaves once a week.

The last time I bough any fruits of vegetable for myself was about four years ago.

Not only is it a nice big screen view from inside, it is also very productive and enjoyable, the time I spend in it daily is well worth it.

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