An excerpt from BREAKING BRANCHES and Enjoying Backyard Living, HYDROTHERAPY, USING WATER to HEAL. This book can make a difference in your life!

When we sleep for eight hours, the most important thing to do when we get out of bed slowly, is to hydrate, drink water as soon as possible. We lose water/moisture when we sleep, we drool, sweat and make love (physical activity) hopefully; not asleep. Why do most heart attacks occur in the morning? In my opinion, it may be related to dehydration, which leads to the blood being thicker and harder to pump.

Table of Contents

Section 1:   Healthy Backyard Living

  1. Why Share This Information … 7
  2. Grass Out Garden In … 9
  3. Green Tea Leaves … 11
  4. Breaking Branches … 15
  5. More Than a Mud Foot Bath … 19

Section 2:   Natural Remedies and Results

  1. How I Keep Mosquitoes at Bay … 24
  2. Fast-Acting Relief from Insect Bites …27
  3. Heel Spur, Gone … 31
  4. Dad’s Pain and Tingling … 34
  5. My Joint Pain Solution … 35
  6. Natural Dental Care … 37

Section 3:  Recipes

  1. Recipes and Remedies … 38

Section 4:  Bonus Information

  1. Hydrotherapy, Using Water to Heal … 40
  2. Other Backyard Encounters … 44


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