Why The Stale Smell in My Home?

black and white areas are where mold is growing

I returned to my home after vacationing abroad and I was greeted by a  strong smell when I opened my front door. Immediately, I knew what had caused it. The odor was stale, and I smelled it before, but not in my home. I encountered this same smell in various stores and business and the one thing I did was to avoid all of those locations. The air was very polluted.

The strong stale smell in my home was caused by the little bit of water and garden waste I left in my garden waste container. This resulted in mold growing in the container causing the stale odor in my entire house. To rid my home of the odor, first I put the garden waste container outside; next, I opened the exit doors and turned on fans to air out the entire space. In about forty-five minutes the odor was gone and the air quality in my home was once again safe to breathe.

I learned my lesson from this occurrence and prior to leaving my home, I will always empty the garden waste container. This will prevent the stale smell that is given off by mold growing, from occurring in my home again.

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