I noticed that after I cook my favorite food combination, lentils, black rice, and quinoa; something odd is visible when I remove the cover from the pot. Many of the quinoa grains would sprout a tail, but how can that be? Growing a tail should only occur when seeds are in an environment that is ideal for growing, with the right temperature and moisture being a big part of it.

I read many times that heating plants-based foods above 115 degrees Fahrenheit would destroy many of their nutrients, and therefore many of us use dehydrators. Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit, the same temperature I cook the quinoa at for 25 to 30 minutes.  So why are they more nutritious when cooked? I can only conclude that the combination of lentils and quinoa have a chemical reaction that caused the sprouting to occur. I cooked quinoa by itself previously and did not see any sprouting.

I can only conclude that cooking quinoa with a combination of lentils makes it more nutritious, by creating an environment that it is comfortable enough to start sprouting.


This repellent prevents mosquito bites and quickly soothes and comforts the swelling and itching caused by these bothersome insects.

The main ingredients can be found in the spice section of any grocery store. To make this repellent yourself, read the chapter on How I keep Mosquitos at Bay in BREAKING BRANCHES and Enjoying Backyard Living available on Amazon. You can also visit breakingbranches.com for other tips on enjoying backyard living.


Mosquito Repellent



improved oil
Improved Mosquito Repellent



I am driving home at the end of my work day and I ‘m sweating profusely again, like I did the day before. Why am I sweating so much? It is one of the ways to detox the body. I made a video on 5 WAYS TO DETOX THE BODY videopress.com/v/qHUSoAO1.  Exercising or being out in the hot sun is an excellent way to detox thorough sweating, but is there an easier and more convenient way to sweat?

Sweating allows toxins to leave our bodies that won’t through other means of detoxification.  Such as microscopic plastics particles in the water we drink or the food we eat. In my car, I can create an environment that will allow me to sweaty, while maintaining my daily schedule.

By adjusting the heater in my car and opening the windows slightly to allowing fresh air in, I can create the perfect condition to sweat and detox. And I go straight home and only exit my car when I ‘m there. This is because the sweat must have some where to go and that will be my pants and shirt. The wet stains in them would cause concern walking into a store.

I always hydrate before using my car as a sauna and as soon as I get home. It is amazing how much sweat can be lost through this method. I jumped on the scale after my most recent session and I was two pounds lighter and gained it back after eating dinner.

Creating an environment that allows toxins to be eliminated with very little effort, the Car Sauna works and is perfect for me.

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Cooked lentils, black rice and quinoa

Protein per serving 15 – 20 grams

I soak the lentils first since they require the longest cooking time. How long should they or legumes be soaked for? I have heard overnight, 24 hours or a couple days! I have shortened my soaking time from 24 hours and changing the water every 12 hours, to 2 hours and changing the water after an hour and rinsing before transferring to the pot.

From what I witness with almonds in a clear glass of water, I switched to 2 hours as a maximum for soaking any legume. The water in the glass was getting cloudy after a couple hours, and this water being stagnant; it dawned on me that mold could be growing in it. Mold is always around us, especially in the air and when the conditions are ideal, that’s when we will see it growing. But why soak almonds or lentils? Soaking almonds make them softer to eat and with lentils, they will soften too; but also phytic acid released. Phytic acid has been known to remove minerals from our bones. And of course, soaking decreases the chances of gas, bloating and other digestive problems.

Lentils soaking
Lentils soaking
Black rice soaking
Quinoa soaking

In the pot with the lentils, I add spices, sea salt and water to a level of  2” from the top and bring to a simmer. Next, I soak the black rice, rinse after an hour and add to the pot with the lentils. Then I soak the quinoa, rinse and add to the same pot after 30 minutes and let simmer for another 25 to 30 minutes.

This recipe is not only healthy and high in protein, it is very satisfying too!


Organic Lentils 1 lb.

Organic Black Rice 1 lb.

Organic Quinoa 1 lb.

Sea Salt 2 tablespoons

Curry powder 1 teaspoon

Turmeric powder 1 teaspoon

Garlic granules 1 teaspoon

Onion granules 2 teaspoons

More recipes are available in Breaking Branches and Enjoying Backyard Living,book.

An excerpt from BREAKING BRANCHES and Enjoying Backyard Living, HYDROTHERAPY, USING WATER to HEAL. This book can make a difference in your life!

When we sleep for eight hours, the most important thing to do when we get out of bed slowly, is to hydrate, drink water as soon as possible. We lose water/moisture when we sleep, we drool, sweat and make love (physical activity) hopefully; not asleep. Why do most heart attacks occur in the morning? In my opinion, it may be related to dehydration, which leads to the blood being thicker and harder to pump.

Table of Contents

Section 1:   Healthy Backyard Living

  1. Why Share This Information … 7
  2. Grass Out Garden In … 9
  3. Green Tea Leaves … 11
  4. Breaking Branches … 15
  5. More Than a Mud Foot Bath … 19

Section 2:   Natural Remedies and Results

  1. How I Keep Mosquitoes at Bay … 24
  2. Fast-Acting Relief from Insect Bites …27
  3. Heel Spur, Gone … 31
  4. Dad’s Pain and Tingling … 34
  5. My Joint Pain Solution … 35
  6. Natural Dental Care … 37

Section 3:  Recipes

  1. Recipes and Remedies … 38

Section 4:  Bonus Information

  1. Hydrotherapy, Using Water to Heal … 40
  2. Other Backyard Encounters … 44




An excerpt from BREAKING BRANCHES and Enjoying Backyard Living, HYDROTHERAPY

So, what caused my suffering like I never experienced before? I generally urinate four to five time during my work day shift, which means I am also hydrating adequately. A few days before my symptoms started, I noticed that my urine was darker. What color should the urine be, if not taking medications that would change it?

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