There are many amazing benefits from drinking tea, but imagine one that is more potent, more delectable and more palatable than Green tea. BRANCH TEA is it, the reasons and the recipe are available in BREAKING BRANCHES and Enjoying Backyard Living books.


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Some ailments can be unpredictable. But, knowing what steps you can take to decrease or eliminate unpredictable suffering is the key to obtaining optimum health. The blog, books, and videos on this website share low-cost, easy to make, healing recipes, and remedies made from ingredients found in your kitchen or yard.

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Not wine, Grape Stem Tea.

Recipe in Good Habits Good Health books.

CG&C oil has many uses and is not available in any store, the updated recipe is in GOOD HABITS GOOD HEALTH books.


CG&C oil (formally called mosquito repellent and mp oil) is made from three all
natural food based ingredients that are already in most kitchens and very easy to make.

CG&C oil can be used for:

Food - flavor enhancer
Hair - moisturizer
Face - moisturizer and bumps relief
Nose - runny and stuffiness
Eyes - watery (apply drops in nose)
Lips - balm
Mouth - soothes toothaches, toothpaste and mouth wash
Skin - soothes minor cuts, irritations and abrasions; insect bites
Repellent - mosquitoes
Hemorrhoids - soothes minor inflammation and pain